Tech Savvy Shoppers Welcome At Pumpkin

Recently, within the past three to five years, there has been a deluge of new social, communication and shopping technologies.  Smart phones, Google, iPods, Facebook, Twitter, Web Apps and the like have made instantaneous information gratification the norm.  Most of these tools make it light years easier for consumers to do research and find out information about products they may purchase, businesses they may frequent and more.  On the other side of the coin, businesses were forced to play catch up to use these same tools to make their information and products available for this new breed of consumer.  For any given consumer product, there are a plethora of ways to research, compare and contrast until you find the product that is right for you.  Here at Pumpkin Fine Cars, we feel like we have been ahead of the curve in this aspect.  We have a very easily navigated and informational website of which you are probably aware if you've made it to our blog!  We are very active on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and we communicate via email with the majority of our customers and potential customers.  You can find Pumpkin Cars and our inventory listings on sites such as and with our listings having a minimum of 27 photos of each car. 
We realize that our customers typically have a million other things to worry about besides shopping for a car and we do our best to make their shopping experience as easy and convenient as possible.  We try to make as much information about our business and our inventory available at the click of a button.  We even have a live chat feature available on where you can chat live with a Pumpkin Staff member and have all the necessary questions answered for you before you even set foot in our Unique Indoor Showroom.  Not only do we make all relevant information about our inventory available via the social network websites like Facebook and Twitter, but we also try to give our customers and potential customers relevant information on current events in the automobile industry, tips on car care and insight into how we buy and prepare our cars.  We do all of this to enhance the value of shopping for and hopefully buying a Pumpkin Car.  We may not have the man power or the infrastructure that some of our competition does, but we all pitch in and do our best to keep Pumpkin visible, informative and active on the Web and beyond.  
All of this technology is great for most, but for the segment of the population that still feels the best way to shop is to kick tires, look under the hood and take a test drive, we are more than ready to accommodate you as well.  Please take a look at our website, find Pumpkin Cars on Facebook, follow @PumpkinCars on Twitter and if you enjoyed what you have just read, please subscribe to our blog.  You are also always more than welcome to visit our unique indoor showroom located conveniently on Fire Rd in Egg Harbor Twp and browse our pristine inventory in a relaxed no hassle environment.  Pumpkin Cars can be reached over the phone at 609-646-7676 and via email at [email protected] .  


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