Hey Yo!! Columbus Day is Coming!

This time of year, when the weather starts to change and it's starts getting dark out earlier and earlier, can be a bit of a downer.  It's sandwiched in between the fun, sun and barbecues of summer holidays like Memorial Day, Labor Day and The 4th of July and the magical winter holidays of Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years.  One holiday coming up that tends to be overlooked, with the exception of our Italian-American friends of course, is Columbus Day.  This year Columbus Day falls on next Monday, October 11th.  The holiday itself was originally designated to celebrate the discovery of America by explorer Christopher Columbus and his famous three boats: The Nina, The Pinta and The Santa Maria.  The holiday has sort of evolved, however, into a celebration of all things Italian.  There are currently 26 Million Americans with at least one Grandparent that is of Italian descent and Italians rank 5th in the United States in terms of ethnic groups.  There are approximately 324 Italian festivals a year throughout the country and let's face it, is there anyone among us who does not like Italian food?  Here are a few quick notes on some defining moments in Italian-American history: In 1848 the first pasta factory opened in Brooklyn, NY. In 1905 the Order Sons of Italy in America was founded.  In 1976 Rocky wins the Academy Award for Best Picture, written by and starred in by Sylvester Stallone.  In 1986 Antonin Scalia is sworn in as a US Supreme Court Justice.

Pumpkin Fine Cars and Exotics will most definitely be open this Monday on Columbus Day.  The kids are off from school, some have off from work, so it is a great day to come out shopping for a Pristine Pumpkin Car.  Right now we have our widest selection of makes and models in Pumpkin history, as well as great cars priced from as little as $4,495 and up!!  Take advantage of our relaxed, no pressure atmosphere to just swing by our unique indoor showroom and browse the great inventory.  Stop in and talk cars or racing with Franck Freon and his attentive, knowledgeable staff.  Where else but Pumpkin can you find great cars, a fun, friendly shopping experience and someone that has the passion for cars and expertise of cars of Franck Freon?  Your guess is as good as mine! 
As always, Pumpkin Cars can be reached over the phone at 609-646-7676 as well as via email at [email protected] .  You can find and "Like" Pumpkin Cars and Franck Freon on Facebook, follow @PumpkinCars on Twitter, watch new videos of our inventory on YouTube and if you enjoy what you have read, please subscribe to our blog.


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