Where in the World is Pumpkin Cars???

Pumpkin Fine Cars, a hidden treasure of Egg Harbor Township is how this should begin...it is true that our dealership has a bit of an aire of exclusivity, a feeling of being part of a VIP club if you will.  Trust us when we say that it is not done on purpose, by any means. It is the simple fact that a lot of people do not know where to find us.  Even though we've been in the same location for almost 10 years, many people do not know that we exist, or where we exist, per se.  We are not just talking about customers that find us online and come from all over the Mid Atlantic region either, we are talking about customers in Atlantic County, our home field.  The customers that find us from outside of the immediate geographic area tend to research how to find us if they know they will be traveling a distance, as most consumers would for any destination.  They find us on Google Maps (see us there)Yahoo! Local (see us there too) and they use their GPS devices in the car to guide them directly to us.  The number one question that we get from first time visitors to our unique indoor showroom that do come from our home turf is, "How long have you guys been here?", number two is, "How does anyone ever find you?".  We kindly explain how long we have been at our location and that yes, sometimes, even when you are looking for our showroom it is not always easy to find exactly where we are located.  Almost 100% of the time the response of the customer is something to the effect of, "I've lived in this area all my life and drive right past your complex five times a day and never would have known there was a car dealership there." 
We do our best to provide detailed directions on our website, and even videos of how to find us by filming an actual drive into our location.  We often explain that we are located in, "the brown brick office complex, next to Darrell's Auto Repair, on Fire Road between Delilah Road and California Avenue".  That will get you to our general vicinity, but sometimes that is not enough.  You also have to know that once you get into the brown brick office complex you still have to keep a keen eye out for Unit B7, our office and showroom.  Once you do find us, however, we guarantee you will not forget how you got here and what you saw while you were here!  As a matter of fact, be careful, because we find once you pay one visit to Pumpkin Fine Cars, you will likely make it a regular habit as a lot of our customers and friends do.  There is something about the atmosphere and certainly something about the inventory that keep people coming back even if they have little to no interest in immediately shopping for a car.  We invite any and all that want to swing by, talk cars with Franck Freon and his friendly, professional staff, browse the showroom inventory or even take a test drive or two to come by and you will not be sorry that you did.  Before that, however, you have to find us first...
As always Pumpkin Cars can be reached over the phone at 609-646-7676 and via email at [email protected] .  You can find and "Like" Pumpkin Fine Cars on Facebook, follow the tweets of @PumpkinCars on Twitter, see videos of our inventory (as well as video directions to the showroom!) on YouTube and if you enjoyed what you have just read, please subscribe to our blog.   


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