We Wish You A Merry Christmas

What a great time of year!  Everyone, although admittedly stressed, just seems to be happier and more pleasant.  This is certainly the time of year for most where we look forward to spending time with family and enjoying the wonders of Christmas, no matter how old you are.  Try...just try, not have your face light up when you see an impressive Christmas tree, or a house lit up like that of Clark W. Griswold.  It's called "The Christmas Spirit" and it is a very powerful feeling that can even lighten the mood of characters as sour as Scrooge and the Grinch!  

All of us here at Pumpkin Fine Cars would like to wish all of our great customers, friends, vendors and colleagues a very Merry Christmas!  Enjoy these few days with familyand friends. Enjoy the The Christmas Spirit that abounds this time of year.  Make new memories and be sure to tell those stories of past holidays that everyone always enjoys hearing year after year.  Welcome new family members into your Christmas traditions and join in with happiness and enthusiasm if you are the new family member!  Quite simply, if you have not already, get into the Christmas Spirit!  We had a visit from Santa, Mrs. Claus and an Elf here at the showroom yesterday and it quickly lightened everyone's mood and got us in the Spirit.  Just one example of the wonder that Christmas brings!  So please, from the Pumpkin Cars family to yours, enjoy a safe, happy and healthy Christmas and begin to look forward to a great New Year in 2011!  As always, if you are traveling over the weekend please take your time, drive very safely and cautiously and never never never drink and drive!  Merry Christmas to all and to all a great night!

The Pumpkin Cars Family
Franck, Gina and the Freon Kids, Greg, Amanda, Joe and Hector 


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