A Christmas White Out!

All those that were lucky enough to get a new snow blower for Christmas, raise your hands!  I'm sure it has since been put to great use.  Here at Pumpkin Cars we just wanted to remind everyone, while you are digging out and cleaning off your cars, please make sure not to turn on your windshield wipers until they are totally thawed out and your windshield is completely clean to avoid surely burning out your wiper motor.  Also avoid trying to roll down your power windows until the car is totally warm and all ice is melted away to make sure you do not burn out a window regulator!  These are two very simple, yet very overlooked tips on freeing your car from a lot of snow and ice.
Also, just a quick note on our schedule this week.  Today, Monday the 27th, we are closed and are attempting to dig ourselves out from 20+ inches of snow as I'm sure most of you are as well.  We will be open regular hours tomorrow, Wednesday and Thursday.  New Years Eve, Friday, we will be closing a little early, at 5pm and will be closed New Years Day.  Starting Monday January 3rd we will be back to our regular hours for the foreseeable future.


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