Cold Morning Car Tips from Franck Freon

We have some great cold morning car tips here written by the man himself, Franck Freon, owner of Pumpkin Fine Cars.  Pay extra close attention because Franck has forgotten more about cars than most of us will ever know!  These are tips on how to preserve the life of your car and to save you plenty of hard earned money (which you can then use to buy a Pumpkin Car!). They really are simple, common sense tips that most of us just do not do: 

Before we even start our vehicles, cold winter temperatures could already cost us money and time! For those who still use their key to unlock their door, be careful. Cold temperatures could freeze the key cylinder and by trying to turn your key with too much force you will break it. If there is too much resistance, use some ice-breaking spray or some hot water. Now that you are ready to open the door you may find out that it's stuck to the frame. A progressive pull should do it. A strong one could break the door handle. Again use some hot water if the door does not give.
Great, you are now inside your car. If the windshield is frozen DO NOT use the wipers. They are most likely frozen onto the windshield and by turning them on you WILL BREAK the wiper mechanism. Make sure the wiper lever is on the OFF position, also make sure all the electrical items are OFF (radio, headlights, fan, etc...) in order to conserve your battery's energy and start the car. Then be brave and get back outside to scrape the windshield! When the windshield is clear, gently lift the wipers to set them free. Running them on an icy windshield will instantly damage their rubber edge and you would have to replace them for safety right away. You deserve now to get back in your car but please DO NOT TRY to roll down a window. That's a guaranteed $300 to $500 damage since the window is most likely frozen to its rubber frame. By pushing on that electrical switch you would blow the window regulator up in a fraction of a second....please don't even try, it will break for sure. I do not think it's necessary to mention that the sun-roof and moon-roof are out of the question as well. They are frozen and you will blow up their mechanism.
If a side mirror or a window is not clear and therefore driving your vehicle would be dangerous, get back out and finish cleaning the ice or snow. Driving a vehicle with a blind spot(s) is the last thing you want to do. When the car has been running for a minute and all the windows/windshield/mirrors are clean, you are ready to go. Turn on your lights and heating fan, shift into "D" and again give it a couple of seconds before pressing the accelerator. This will give your transmission enough time to command everything properly despite the very cold temperature of its oil. The first mile or two are critical. Be gentle to the car. Nothing between the engine and the gearbox are at operating temperature. It's like running a mile straight out of the cold! Feel for your car, give it some love, it will reward you in the long run. Be safe and drive smart.

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