Vehicle History Reports Come Standard with Every Pumpkin Car

We are most certainly in the midst of the instantaneous information age.  Immediate gratification rules the day.  There is hardly anything in the consumer marketplace that cannot be accessed through Google, Bing, Yahoo and yes, there probably is an "App for that" too!  Part of what makes Pumpkin Fine Cars so successful and such a better car buying experience than most dealers is that we are up front and honest about our inventory.  Let's face it, we have nothing to hide!  We know that by giving our customers as much information as possible and as early in the sales process as possible it takes the burden off of you to do your own research.  Although most of our customers are certainly capable of finding their way on the web, we prefer to have all of the information about one of our pristine Pumpkin Cars at hand, ready to give to the customer.  One of the most useful pieces of information that we have available for every car that has passed through our unique indoor showroom is a vehicle history report.  As a matter of fact when owner and retired professionl race car driver Franck Freon and Joe are out buying the first thing they do is call the showroom and have one of us run the history report for them.  One hundred percent of the time if the car has had title history issues or has had an accident reported the buying process for that car ends immediately.  Those are two items on which we will not compromise, ever.  That is also actually step one of our Pumpkin Certification Process.  We also see when and where the car was originally delivered and titled, which also helps us determine if that particular car is indeed a Pumpkin Car

Once we verify that the car has a spotless history report and we purchase it, that history report gets printed and placed in the file folder for that vehicle.  When a customer comes in or calls us to ask about or see a particular car, most of the time we hand them the history report before they even sit in the car.  This allows our customers to see how many owners the car has had and to know just about everything that we know about the car before the process moves ahead.  If the customer wants a copy of the report to take with them, we are more than happy to accommodate them.  We realize that this is extremely valuable information to aide in the decision making process for any customer.  We also realize that different customers have different needs and details that they look for or avoid in a car.  Handing our customers the vehicle history report right up front shows them that we have nothing to hide and are confident in the quality and the presentation of every Pumpkin Car.  It also makes their search for a new car a little less hectic, less time consuming and just plain more enjoyable.  If you would like to stop in and see a Vehicle History report for any car you are interested in purchasing from Pumpkin, it would be our pleasure!  Please stop in at our unique indoor showroom, just off of Fire Road in Egg Harbor Township and only minutes from the Atlantic City Expressway and Garden State Parkway.  Feel free to check out the history report and take one or more of our outstanding pre-owned vehicles for a free, no-hassle test drive.  We do appreciate the opportunity to earn your business.  As always we are available over the phone at 609-646-7676 and via email at [email protected] .  Please "Like" Franck Freon and Pumpkin Cars on Facebook, follow Franck and PumpkinCars on Twitter, check out the Pumpkin Cars Channel on YouTube and if you enjoyed what you are reading, please subscribe to our blog.     


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