Holiday Sales and Gimmicks Not Needed At Pumpkin

As we head full speed towards the end of summer and are fast approaching Labor Day weekend, car shoppers will no doubt be inundated with crazy sales incentives and gimmicks.  We see it around every holiday, but for some reason Labor Day seems to be the when some of the "big guys" pull out all the stops.  Labor Day weekend is traditionally a barbeque with family and hang out at the beach or lake with family type holiday.  Because there are not too many grand festivities, gift buying or any specific reasons to be shopping for anything on Labor Day weekend, dealerships have to bring out these sometimes wacky promotions in order to give consumers a reason to come out and shop.  They tend to use phrases like, "guaranteed financing", "unheard of" and "this weekend only".  This is because they want the consumer to feel a sense of urgency and like they are missing out on these spectacular deals if they don't buy right now.  In reality they want to increase their sales numbers before the end of summer, just like most businesses in the country.  That does not mean, however, that it is OK to bend the truth and make promises they cannot stand by in order to do so.  Labor Day weekend is the last that the kids are off from school, in most cases, and generally consumer behavior and spending habits change with the season.  There is an old adage that says if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

Nothing at Pumpkin Fine Cars is too good to be true because we never make outlandish promises and never have wacky, over the top promotions and sales.  Our methods are simple, yet tried and true.  We provide high quality pre-owned cars at a fair price with outstanding customer service!  We do not need to guarantee a certain dollar amount for your trade, or guarantee easy credit, or that everyone is approved regardless of credit history.  The bottom line is that those promises are too good to be true and they are designed to simply get you in the door.  What we will guarantee is that you are treated like our best customer whether you are buying a 1999 Mercedes Benz S320 for $9,995 or a 2006 Porsche 911 Carrera 4s for $56,995.  Just read what our previous customers have to say. We guarantee that you will enjoy your experience buying a Pumpkin Car and that you will get an extremely high quality pre-owned vehicle at a great value.  We also guarantee that our prices are competitive, fair and 99% of the time below book value.  We guarantee that the car you purchase has a perfectly clean title history, has never had an accident reported, was personally test driven by Franck Freon, was fully serviced, detailed and is ready to drive home.  That is all part of our rigorous Pumpkin Certified Program.  We think think it's "unheard of" that not every dealership services their pre-owned cars and cuts costs by not investing time and resources into keeping their inventory in top notch condition.  There is no such thing as "this weekend only" at Pumpkin Cars, as we have been successful for years by applying the same method of doing business whether it is a weekend in August or a weekend in February.  We guarantee that we will be open, up front and honest from the time you first set foot in our unique indoor showroom till the time you drive your pristine Pumpkin Fine Car out of our driveway and beyond.  Those are the things we guarantee.  Funny, maybe if our competition could guarantee those same things they would not have to resort to any crazy Labor Day sales and promotions to bring in customers.  Although, maybe that is just "a Pumpkin thing"!
Stop into our unique indoor showroom on Fire Rd in Egg Harbor Township, right next to our friends at Darrell's Auto Repair and see exactly what we guarantee by talking to Franck and his honest, professional staff and taking one or more of our phenomenal Pumpkin Cars out for a free, no hassle test drive today.  As always, Pumpkin Cars can be reached over the phone at 609-646-7676 and via email at [email protected] .  Please "Like" Franck Freon and Pumpkin Cars on Facebook, follow, watch the Pumpkin Cars Channel on YouTube and if you enjoy what you have just read, please subscribe to our blog


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