Pumpkin Cars is Expanding Inventory

Pumpkin Fine Cars and Exotics is making a concerted effort to expand our current inventory.  The primary reason we are doing this is because demand for the types of high quality pre-owned vehicles that can truly only be found at Pumpkin and called, "Pumpkin Cars" is getting higher and higher.  For you, our good friends and valued customers, this means a wider selection a great cars.  From all the feedback we have been getting, which good or bad we take to heart, we have found that the number one request was more to choose from.  We have listened and we are responding.  In the past few months we average about 30 cars in inventory at any given time, from here on out we are looking to keep a steady average of 40 cars.  We realize that this means more work for us in keeping up and preparing the cars to the high standards that we have set for what constitutes a "Pumpkin Car" and the high standards which you our customers have come to expect.  Fear not, we are up to the challenge!!  How are we going to increase our inventory by an average of 10 cars you may be wondering.  Well we are extremely happy to report that Franck Freon himself is back out on the road buying on a weekly basis and along with Joe Capocci this buying team is in top form.  For those of you who were unaware, Franck had major knee surgery a few months back and was training and coaching Joe through the buying process over the phone and online.  Joe was definitely the beneficiary here because he has honed his buying skills to make sure that every car we purchase is top notch.  Now that Franck is recovered, he is back out doing what he loves, finding pristine Pumpkin Cars for our loyal customers and friends.  This dynamic duo is now able to increase the amount of cars we buy at any given time and that is how we will keep and maintain our increased inventory.  They even compete with each other to see who can find the best of the best for our customers!  The only problem we may have is selling the cars faster than we can buy them, and that is a problem that we are more than happy to deal with!! 

One thing that will not happen is compromising our standards of quality and service.  Franck and his staff are working hard to make sure that nothing slips through the cracks and we pay more attention to detail than ever.  Each car we buy will still be test driven and evaluated by Franck Freon himself and all will still go through our extremely rigorous Pumpkin Certification program.  All of us here at Team Pumpkin will still go through every car, each day with a fine tooth comb to make sure they are all in tip-top shape and ready to be put on the road as your dream car!!  Also, the sales and marketing team will be ramping up our efforts to spread the word about Pumpkin Cars and let more people know what our existing customer already know.  That is that there is no better pre-owned car available than a Pumpkin Car.  We choose each car that we have in stock and all of our inventory are cars that are here for a reason, because we want our customers be to able to select from the best available pre-owned cars in South Jersey and beyond.  We invite anyone who has never visited our unique indoor showroom to come by and see that not only do we talk the talk but we also walk the walk.  You will have a car buying experience like no other...relaxed and pleasant.  Our staff is extremely knowledgeable and will be able to answer any questions you may have.  Feel free to come and just browse the showroom, say Hi to Franck and the gang or take one or more of our Pristine Pumpkin Cars out for a no hassle test drive.  We look forward to seeing you here and becoming part of the Pumpkin Cars Family.  As always we are available over the phone at 609-646-7676 and via email at [email protected] .  Please find us and "Like" Franck Freon and Pumpkin Cars on Facebook, follow Franck and PumpkinCars on Twitter, subscribe to the Pumpkin Cars Channel on YouTube and if you enjoy what you are reading please subscribe to our blog!


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