Oil Change Tips From Pumpkin Cars

Here at Pumpkin Fine Cars we always like to share some car care information with our customers to ensure that they keep their Pumpkin Car in tip-top shape. The most common maintenance procedure that a car owner has to perform is most likely an oil change.  We have all done it, we all have the little sticker on the windshield reminding us of the count down until oil change time!  One thing that can become confusing is just how long you can go without getting the oil changed.  The common and time tested amount of miles has always been 3,000.  Now, however, most manufacturers recommend going every 5,000 miles and with the advent of sythetic oil, newer cars can go up to 7,500 miles between oil changes!  There are some car owners that are old school and figure that a change every 3,000 could not possibly hurt the car.  Along with those owners are the quick lube in and out oil change businesses that will always keep your sticker at 3,000 mile increments because why would they reccommend that you go 5,000 miles when they can get more business out of you in 3,000?  Some pre-owned cars do not even come with instructions manuals so you can read and find out what the manufacturers service schedule says about oil changes.  So the question becomes, who do you trust?  Do you trust your mechanic, your vehicles manufacturer, the oil manufacturer, the quick lube service place or your own gut instinct?  My answer is, I trust Pumpkin Cars!

As part of our very detailed Pumpkin Certification process, we have each and every Pumpkin Car checked out by an ASE certified mechanic and that includes oil and other vital fluids.  We do not neccessarily change the oil on every car we bring into inventory but we do check the oil on every car we bring into inventory and if it needs to be changed we change it.  Simple as that.  Every Pumpkin Car in stock has a service sticker on the inside windshield to let our customers know when the next oil change is due.  We tend to estimate on the conservative side and usually go with 4,000 miles in order to make sure our customers don't go too long without the change.  This may be a minor detail to most, but for Franck Freon, it is of the utmost importance not only to keep the cars in great shape while they are in our possesion, but also to have our customers keep them in great shape so that they can maximize the value of their purchase.  The better the car is taken care of, the better it will take care of you! As it was stated earlier in this article, it will not hurt the car at all to have the oil changed, even if it is a bit more frequent than the recommended mileage.  Please stop by our unique indoor showroom and check the service sticker on each and every one of our cars if you so desire!  Take one or more on a free no-hassle test drive and talk cars with Franck and his friendly, knowledgable staff.  We look forward to seeing you at the showroom!  As always Pumpkin Cars can be contacted over the phone at 609-646-7676 and via email at [email protected] .  Please "Like" Franck Freon and Pumpkin Cars on Facebook, follow Franck and PumpkinCars on Twitter, watch the Pumpkin Cars channel on YouTube and if you like what you are reading, please subscribe to our blog!


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