Hero Campaign

Here's a little wake-up call.  Today, drunken driving still claims more than 14,000 deaths and over 250,000 injuries annually.  The HERO Campaign for Designated Drivers seeks to prevent drunk driving tragedies by promoting the use of safe and sober designated drivers.  At schools and colleges, in bars, taverns and businesses, and at NFL stadiums and Major League ballparks, they are seeing an increase in the use of designated drivers; and for the first time in the past 20 years, the number of drunk driving incidents in New Jersey and the nation is beginning to decline.

On Sunday, October 23rd at 10 a.m. you can help make a difference by supporting the Inaugural HERO 5k WALK on the Ocean City, NJ Boardwalk.  As a walker, team captain, sponsor or contributor, you can join Pumpkin Cars along with more than 1,000 participants expected for this life changing, and like affirming event.
School children and college students, sports teams and law enforcement officers, rescue personnel and parents like you will join in at the HERO WALK in the shared belief that drunken driving must end before more innocent lives are lost.

For more information contact the HERO Campaign for Designated Drivers, a program of the John R. Elliott Foundation at http://www.herocampaign.org/, email [email protected] or call (609)272-0100, toll free at 1-866-700-HERO (4376) or send your correspondence to P.O. Box 700 Somers Point, NJ 08244.

If your looking to get involved with a worthy cause...we couldn't think of a better one!  We hope to see you on October 23rd. 


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