Paris Auto Show Preview

As company owner Franck Freon put it so eloquently in his "Welcome to Pumpkin Cars" video on our website homepage, we here at Pumpkin Fine Cars are primarily car lovers.  That comes first and foremost and is the cornerstone of our business and our success.  Being as that our love of cars is what propels every other aspect of our business, we have decided to give some of our car lover friends and fans a small preview of the upcoming Paris Auto Show.  The Auto Show commences this Thursday, September 30 in the city of lights.  Not only is Paris the hometown of Franck Freon, but it is also home to one of the worlds largest auto shows.  Most major auto manufacturers use this show as an opportunity to launch new concepts, unveil re-engineered favorites and showcase the best and newest technology on the market.  Overall the dominate prevailing trend seems to be electric and hybrid cars that will be available and accessible for the mass market.  At Pumpkin Cars we specialize in Mercedes Benz, BMW, among others, but those brands are at the core of our business. 

The main concept that Mercedes Benz will be unveiling this year at the Paris Auto Show will be a new version of the CLS.  This is the car that launched the trend of four door coupe styled sedans when it was introduced in 2004.  It was redesigned for this year with more elegant styling, flowing lines and will set the standard for future designs for Mercedes Benz going forward.  The CLS is based in size off of the E class but is longer with this new generation getting a longer wheelbase that is 8 inches longer than the current version.  You can look for this Mercedes Benz to start being sold in the US in mid-2011.

The big news for BMW is the unveiling of the X3 cross over and a concept for a new 6 Series coupe.  The newest generation of the X3 is larger, but also lighter than the current model.  By increasing the size, BMW positions the X3 a little bit more directly in between the X1 and the X5.  By making it lighter it will increase it's power and pickup because the same size engine will be pulling less weight.  Good news on the home front in terms of jobs in the auto industry because the new X3 will be built at BMW's factory in Spartanburg, SC.  This cross-over goes on sale in November for Europe with a US launch expected early in 2011.  Prices for the new X3 will start around $50,000.  The new concept for the BMW 6 Series will have the styling a bit more understated and follow the brands sleeker design that has already been seen on the newest generations of the 5 and 7 series. 

Other news that is noteworthy on brands we love at Pumpkin comes from Ferrari.  They are going to add stop-start and other fuel saving technologies to the California Roadster aimed at reducing CO2 emissions overall by 10% and up to 20% in city driving.  Other methods Ferrari will use to cut fuel use will be adding brushless fans to cut down on friction in engine cooling, redesigning the air conditioning to cut down mechanical energy use and revised fuel pumps and gearbox actuators to reduce electricity use. 
Well, we hope you enjoyed that quick preview of the 2010 Paris Auto Show and you can look forward to seeing some of the cars mentioned above in Pumpkin's Inventory in about three or four years!  Please stop by our unique indoor showroom located conveniently on Fire Rd in Egg Harbor Township between Delilah Rd and California Ave to see some great pre-owned cars from Mercedes Benz, BMW, Acura and Honda.  As always, Pumpkin Cars can be reached over the phone at 609-646-7676 and via email at [email protected] .  Pumpkin Cars and Franck Freon can be found on Facebook, you can follow @PumpkinCars on Twitter, and if you enjoy what you have just read, please subscribe to our blog


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