Females Are Some of Pumpkin's Best Customers

While researching current industry trends in the pre-owned car industry we here at Pumpkin Cars frequently come across articles and information that we feel compelled to share with our customers and friends. One such article that we recently reviewed from http://www.adealersjournal.biz/ pertains to female customers and how to attract more of them to your dealership. The article states that the true way to attract female patrons is not through carrying "feminized" products and "girly stuff" but to appeal to a woman's sense of safety and practicality. So essentially it becomes the age old question of substance over form and fashion. Interestingly enough, the article also states that couple-run dealerships are more successful in retailing to women. As many of our customers know, Pumpkin owners Franck and Gina Freon both play an integral role in the business here and both are active and on site on a day to day basis. Both Gina and Franck bring their own area of expertise to the table and together they make the ultimate team. Franck Freon is most definitely the "car guy" and operations guru. Gina directs the sales and marketing aspect of the business. As a matter of fact, Gina is not the only female that plays an important role here at Pumpkin. Our title clerk/administrative assistant extraordinaire, Amanda Brooks, also is a key cog in the Pumpkin machine. It is a pretty even balance here at Pumpkin Cars between male and female staff members, and it shows in how we attract both male and female customers on a regular basis.

Now, we will be the first to tell you that Pumpkin Fine Cars only carries the highest quality pre-owned vehicles and that they are all great looking cars by male or female standards. What is even more important to Pumpkin Fine Cars is providing an expert point of view and educating our customers, regardless of gender, to realize what features or a particular car will best fit their needs. In the case of appealing to our female customers, of which we have many and they are among our best customers, we have already known through years of experience that safety ranks among the most pertinent features looked for in a car.

It is a fact that the primary brands that we carry are among the highest safety rated cars on the market. Mercedes Benz, BMW, Honda and Acura all rank towards the top of the ratings in terms of safety and reliability. They are all very solidly built cars which when maintained properly will run for hundreds of thousands of miles. On top of that Franck Freon personally makes sure that while each Pumpkin Car is going through our strict Pumpkin Certification program that all of the safety aspects of each vehicle are reviewed in great detail. Our good friends and ASE certified mechanics at Darrell's Auto Repair pay especially close attention to items such as brakes, tires and alignment among many other mechanical aspects that they examine. We do not compromise when it comes to vehicle safety. Period. Every single Pumpkin Fine Car that enters our inventory gets anything that it needs to make sure that it is road ready and safe enough to trust with your family members, friends and any other precious cargo you may be transporting.

So with that, we invite all customers of all genders to visit our unique indoor showroom here on Fire Rd in Egg Harbor Township, NJ. Come in and browse our beautiful, safe and reliable inventory in a relaxed, family friendly atmosphere. Feel free to take one or more of our Pristine Pumpkin Cars out on no-hassle test drive. As always you can reach Pumpkin Cars over the phone at 609-646-7676 and via email at [email protected] . Please find and "Like" Pumpkin Cars and Franck Freon on Facebook, follow @PumpkinCars on Twitter, watch and subscribe to the Pumpkin Cars Channel on YouTube and if you have enjoy what you are reading, please subscribe to our blog.


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