Pumpkin Cars Turns Customers in Raving Fans

Today we present to you a another blog focusing on current pre-owned car industry trends and how we at Pumpkin Cars identify these trends and use them to create a better car buying experience for you, our valued customers.  In the case of this particular blog we want to show you how Pumpkin Cars is again way ahead of the curve when it comes to some of these trends.  A recent article in Used Car Dealer Magazine talks about how cars are being treated as a commodity, meaning the lowest price gets the buyer's business.  Many of the "big guys" market their cars strictly on price point and incentives, which is all well and good...if that is what you are looking for in a buying experience.  However, if you are looking for a different and much better experience, come see how Pumpkin does things.  We present pristine pre-owned cars, at a fair price, with outstanding customer service.  The article also talks about how many dealers are now trying to shift to creating more value and gaining the loyalty of repeat customers.  These dealers are about a decade late in trying to do business this way. Franck Freon founded Pumpkin Cars on the premise of treating his customers right and pricing his inventory fairly to begin with so that those customers will continue to come back to buy Pumpkin Cars and send other customers to do the same.  We provide the highest caliber pre-owned vehicles and most of them are priced below Kelly Blue Book Value.  "True Pricing" is how we do things here at Pumpkin and almost everyday new customers that come in as referrals tell us that the customer that referred them states that they will never buy a car from anyone other than Pumpkin Cars.  It literally happened twice yesterday...twice in one day!  That is the highest complement we can receive from our customers.  We love it. At the end of the day we know that we are doing business the right way and treating our customers the right way, or else they would not send in their family members, friends and co-workers to come buy a Pumpkin Car
So yet again, Pumpkin Fine Cars, is way ahead of a "current industry trend" and the "big guys" are playing catch-up.  That would make us.....dare I say....trendsetters!  So please come in and find out why we turn customers into raving fans.  Maybe you will end up a raving fan as well....and drive off in a Pumpkin Car! Stop in and check out our unique indoor showroom, say hi to our friendly and knowledgeable staff and take one of our immaculate pre-owned cars for a free test drive today.  As always you can find us online at http://www.pumpkincars.com/ , become a fan of Pumpkin Cars on Facebook, or follow @pumpkincars on Twitter.  We can be reached by phone at 609-646-7676 or via email [email protected] .


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