A Picture is Worth A Thousand Words

They say that a picture is worth a thousand words, and we here at Pumpkin Fine Cars and Exotics agree and then some.  We believe that not only is a picture worth a thousand words, but that a test drive is worth a thousand pictures!  As with most businesses in the past five years or so, we have had to adapt to the new digital age and make our business accessible to the masses via the Internet.  The Internet provides a fantastic opportunity for Pumpkin Cars specifically to showcase our inventory.  Now one of our great customers can shop for a car from almost anywhere in the world 24 hours a day.  We would like all of you to know that we take great pride in how our Pumpkin Cars are presented online.  We have a specific list of features inside and outside of each car that we take pictures of so that there are no surprises when you come and see the car in person.  Each one of our immaculate pre-owned vehicles has a minimum of nine pics each, and when possible some of them have up to 30!  In 30 pictures we believe that you can get a great sense of the car and see details that you used to only see in person.  We have listings on our own website, of course, with pictures and detailed descriptions, but we are also listed on Cars.com, where we are able to share many more photos with our customers.  If you happen to see our listings on Cars.com you will notice that most cars have a minimum of 15 pictures and like we mentioned earlier some have upwards of 30 or more.

Now, pictures are all well and good, and are essential these days to presenting our inventory to as wide of an audience as possible.  Nothing, however, can beat a good old fashioned test drive.  You can't smell the clean crisp leather of a Mercedes Benz through a picture.  You can't feel the acceleration and tight steering of a BMW 328i through a picture.  You most certainly cannot hear the hum of the engine or the sound of your favorite music playing through Bose speakers through a picture.  In order to experience all of these things at once, the only way is to hop in and drive the car yourself.  We know that most people will test drive a car before they buy it and here at Pumpkin Fine Cars and Exotics we invite you to come in today, tomorrow or whenever you have time and take any one of our Immaculate pre-owned cars in the showroom for a free, no hassle test drive!  It's simple, it's fun and it's really the only way to know which one is the car for you.

  If you are just starting your search for a new car and are not ready to get one out on the road, feel free to stop in and check out our unique indoor showroom where we keep our cars open, unlocked and we invite you to get in and try it on.  Our friendly, knowledgeable staff is always available to answer any questions.  As always you can contact us via the phone at 609-646-7676 or via email at [email protected] .  We also invite you to become a Fan of Pumpkin Cars on Facebook, follow us on Twitter and please subscribe to our blog!  Hope to see you soon driving off the lot in your very own Pumpkin Car


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