The kids at Seaview Elementary School had a special guest visit today. Former professional race car driver Franck Freon paid a visit to his daughter Isabella's third grade class today. It was a parent career day. Isabella's dad spoke about the car business, and of course his former racing career. Franck spoke about the importance of car safety. Here are some safety tips from Franck:

  1. Everyone in the car should always wear a seat belt. A race car driver always wears his or her seat belt!
  2. Children under 12 should NEVER ride in the front seat-this is the most dangerous seat in the car-especially if there is an airbag.
  3. Children under the age of 8 or under 80 pounds should always be in a car seat. Hint-it's not all about your age-your size and weight matter more. Stay in a car seat as long as you are light or too small too touch the floor.
  4. Never leave children in a car with the ignition on-not only could someone steal your child-but there is a bigger risk of spontaneous combustion while an engine is running. (Plus it's really, bad for the environment!!)
  5. Remember to drive slowly near schools and especially in parking lots!!
  6. Remember to drive slower in the rain and around leaves-your car is more slippery in the wet weather (that's why race car drivers change their tires for each type of weather!!)
  7. Always respect others and drive and park according to the laws. There are good safety reasons for the rules!

The kids and the parents had a great time. Come on by say hello to Franck and check out our
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