Remember 9/11

As we all are well aware, tomorrow marks the 10th anniversary of the tragic attacks of September 11, 2001.  We here at Pumpkin Cars would like to send our sincere thanks to all of the true heroes that day that risked and even gave their lives to help our fellow citizens escape what can only be described as a horrific scene and experience.  We urge our friends, neighbors and customers to thank and Police, Fire, EMT and Military personnel for their courage and sacrifice in order to keep us safe and save the lives of so many.  Most likely they will respond with something to the effect of, "We are just doing our job.", but it is much more than that because at the time I imagine most were just as scared, shocked and saddened as the rest of us, but they still put their lives on the line to, "just do their job". 
It is truly amazing ten years later to see how we all pulled together as Americans during such a difficult time to help each other and try to keep a sense of normalcy in the days after the attacks.  We were not Black, White, Asian, Latino, Democrat, Republican, Christian, Jewish or Muslim...we were all for at least a short time just Americans.  So as we keep in mind that day ten years ago, keep in mind also the spirit of those heroes and our fellow citizens and strive to live each day with the strength and courage that they showed.    


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