Happy Turkey Day!!!

Thanksgiving is a Holiday that everyone loves!  There is food, family, football and more.  It is a holiday of pure celebration and joy.  Sure, everyone has experienced the occasional family argument or drunk uncle making a fool of himself, but that is part of the fun!  But in all seriousness, Thanksgiving is a holiday that we should take a moment or two and just think about how fortunate most of us are to be celebrating tomorrow.  Family as well as charity is always a little bit more in the forefront our minds this time of year because it is the time that we realize how much most of us really do have to be thankful for.  In short, all of us here at Pumpkin Fine Cars wish all of our fantastic friends, customers and their families a safe, happy and most of all healthy Thanksgiving Holiday!  We are definitely thankful for you!  If you are traveling today, tomorrow or Friday please drive very safely and carefully.  Always and most importantly please do not drink and drive.  Thank you so much for your business, you are what keeps us going and we do appreciate it!  We will be closed tomorrow to celebrate with our own families, but we will be back first thing Friday morning ready to get some more great Pumpkin Cars on the Road.
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