Pumpkin Does It Again...and Again

From time to time we like to high light a few unique cars that we bring into inventory that transcend the definition of a "Pumpkin Car" .  I know that most of you are thinking of some really rare make or model, expensive or exotic car but in this case you would be wrong!  Yes, we do get our share of very rare or collector's cars, but I'm about to give you two examples of cars that we are really proud of that you can find almost no where else but Pumpkin Fine Cars and are both priced below $15,000!  What makes or constitutes a Pumpkin Car is not necessarily the price or the brand, it is in the condition of the car both cosmetically and mechanically.  Franck Freon goes above and beyond what normal wholesale car buyers will do to hand pick the best of the best, regardless of how old the car is or how common of a model it may be. 
First we present to you a 1999 Mercedes Benz E320.  This car is that classic Mercedes Silver with a lush gray leather interior.  Now, you may be thinking, "OK, a 1999 E320 is a dime a dozen...big deal".  The thing that makes this E320 the quintessential Pumpkin Fine Car is the fact that it only has 25 thousand original miles, had one owner and was garage kept.  This car looks and feels like brand new, and passed through our very rigorous Pumpkin Certification Process with flying colors.  The best part is, because Franck is so adept at finding and buying cars like this, you, our customer get to purchase this car for the very reasonable price of $14,495.  Please keep in mind that this car when brand new, in 1999, was likely sold in the neighborhood of $50,000 and now just 25 thousand miles later, you can own it for a fraction of the original cost.  No where, I repeat, no where can you find another car like this.  You are more than welcome to come see it in person if you don't believe it.  If you are just discovering Pumpkin Fine Cars I don't blame you.  Our good customers and friends, however, know just by reading this that the car is top notch.

Another top notch car we currently have in stock, that you most likely will not find very common is a 1999 Mercedes Benz ML320.  This is an SUV that is consistently rated at the top of it's class and is always in very high demand.  This particular ML320 is Silver with a gray interior, has had only ONE OWNER, has 111 thousand miles and is priced way below book value at $7,995.  Again, this car was hand picked by Franck Freon and is perfect for someone that knows what a great SUV the ML320 is, as well as what a great value this one is at under $8,000.  This truck when brand new was likely bought for around $45,000!!  It has privacy glass, power and heated seats, a roof rack, running boards and all the luxury and style that Mercedes Benz has been known to produce for decades.  These are just two examples of over 30 Pumpkin Cars currently in stock. 
It would be our pleasure to have you stop into our unique indoor showroom and take a look!  Feel free to just browse our inventory or take any one or more of our Pristine cars out for a free, no-hassle test drive.  As always we are available over the phone at 609-646-7676 and via email at [email protected] .  Please "Like" Franck Freon and Pumpkin Cars on Facebook, follow PumpkinCars on Twitter, subscribe to the Pumpkin Cars Channel on YouTube and if you like what you are reading please subscribe to our blog


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