Pumpkin Cars and Scalfaro Tennis

We at Pumpkin Fine Cars & Exotics just wanted to take a moment to thank Joe Scalfaro and his gang at Scalfaro tennis for a wonderful summer of youth tennis clinics and tournaments at Holy Spirit High School. Of course, we are proud to announce that our 11 year old "Pumpkin", Harrison, won the 12 and unders in the first and third of Joe's tournaments and earned the runner-up spot in tournament two. Read about why we call the business "Pumpkin" at our website menu item Meet the Staff, under Gina Freon (Mom). The family started enjoying tennis thanks to Dad's passion for the sport. Franck Freon, veteran race car driver and owner of Pumpkin Fine Cars & Exotics not only loves tennis but used it for part of his training (eye/hand) for driving competitively. He was a pretty good player until he broke his achilles tendon (many of our loyal customers and friends rememeber that nightmare!!) Now, it's up to his son to carry the flag on the tennis court. Bravo to Harrison and thank you to Joe Scalfaro and his assistant Brian!


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