Not Quite Sure How Hybrid Cars Can Really Benefit Yourself AND The Environment?? CLICK THIS LINK! (:


Hybrid cars are becoming more and more common today, but many consumers just aren't quite sure about their benefits.
~Allow us to enlighten you!~
For starters, hybrid cars use two or more engines... electric motor and a conventional engine (using petrol or diesel). This essentially allows the electric engine to power the car at lower speeds while the gas engine powers the car at higher speeds.

Hybrid cars, like our Lexus CT 200h (pictured above) conserves fuel and produces less CO2 emissions!

Let's take a look at some more benefits of adding a Hybrid car to your everyday life!
- Cleaner Energy: Like stated above, because hybrid cars run on a combination of electricity AND gas, they emit less pollution into the environment and require less fossil-fuel consumption (compared to gas-only vehicles).

-Financial Benefits: Hybrid cars are supported by the government and many credits that help make them affordable! There are federal tax credits and some states even offer rebates available for hybrid drivers.

-They're Built by Lighter Materials: By being produced by light-weight materials (compared to gas-only vehicles), hybrids require less energy to be run on... which saves you trips and money at the pump in the long run!!

-Higher Resale Values: With a general increase in price of gasoline and the popularity/demand of hybrids increasing, you will most likely receive a higher percentage of your original investment when you're ready to trade in or sell your hybrid!

Thinking about how a Hybrid vehicle could benefit your life? Come visit our showroom to test drive our 2015 Lexus CT200h today and experience a hybrid for yourself!! 
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