Looking for a Certified Pre-Owned Vehicle?!?

Many people who are buying pre-owned cars are now wanting a Certified Pre-Owned vehicle.

BUT, did you know that a Vehicle Certification Program is based on the expertise and talent of the people who manage it?  No dealership comes close to having the expertise of a person like Franck Freon when it comes down to driving, evaluating, understanding and assessing a vehicle.  Despite the size of those other larger dealerships, Pumpkin Cars is in a league of its own thanks to Franck’s background.

Franck drives every single vehicle that bares the Pumpkin name whether it is a $5,000 trade-in or a $100,000 exotic car.  After driving the car, it goes through a rigorous Pumpkin Certification Process.

But what sets a Pumpkin cars apart from and makes it even better than any other Certified Pre-Owned Car?

For example, you see a Certified Pre-Owned Honda at the Honda Dealership for $20,000.  Pumpkin Cars has the same exact Honda for $18,000.  But, you REALLY want the "Certified Pre-Owned" warranty that comes along with the car at the dealership.  We agree with you that it's very important that every car has some sort of warranty on it, so that you don't incur any unexpected repair costs.  At Pumpkin Cars, we sell service contracts/warranties that MATCH those dealership's Certified Pre-Owned programs (and often cost less!)  We work with a very trusted and reputable warranty company, who Franck's been working with for many, many years!  That way, you have the OPTION of buying the warranty or not depending on your budget!

So next time you think about checking out a CPO Vehicle, don't forget to stop by Pumpkin Cars, where you can get a PRISTINE vehicle hand-picked by Franck himself, passed through the Pumpkin Certification process, AND still get an EXTREMELY COMPREHENSIVE WARRANTY (for the same price, or better than, those other guys)!!!


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