Pumpkin Cars Offers ONLY Exceptional Quality and Amazing Values

Everyone is talking about the price, and only the price.  But here at Pumpkin Cars, we are doing things very differently.  Franck Freon is selling cars with EXCEPTIONAL QUALITY at reasonable prices.  If you want “OK” quality, you may find that elsewhere.  BUT, if you want a PERFECT vehicle, come to Pumpkin Cars.

Franck sees thousands of cars every year, drives hundreds of them, and only selects a few PRISTINE vehicles that are up to Pumpkin standards.  If he wouldn’t buy it for himself or his own family, then he wouldn’t buy it to put on Pumpkin’s lot.  Every single car that is sold here at Pumpkin is driven by Franck himself, is meticulously detailed, and serviced ABOVE AND BEYOND what those other dealers would do.

Franck puts a tremendous amount of effort into selecting and preparing the vehicles that he sells.  The quality of the vehicles he chooses is unmatched anywhere else.  Before you make the decision to buy your next vehicle, come in and JUST DRIVE one of our vehicles.  Then, judge for yourself.  We guarantee you will feel a difference.  Only top-notch, vehicles are sold here at Pumpkin Cars, and we pride ourselves on delivering ONLY exceptional quality vehicles.


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