10+ Cars Outside PLUS 30+ MORE CARS INSIDE!

Here at Pumpkin Cars, Franck has always been very particular with the pristine cars and trucks that he hand picks.  A tremendous amount of effort goes into making them "Pumpkin Perfect."  Each and every night, and during any bad weather, the cars are safely parked inside our large indoor showroom.  

To those of you who know us well, you may find this a bit funny...however, we have had people pull into our parking lot thinking all of our cars are parked outside everyday.  Once they stop in, they discover that we have about 30 MORE CARS PARKED INSIDE OUR SHOWROOM!  Each day, we rotate our vehicles that are parked outside, and try to display a different variety each day.

So please, the next time you are driving by our lot at 3084 English Creek Ave in EHT, come ALL the way in!  We are here to help you find what you're looking for whether it be inside our showroom, or outside on our parking lot.  If you don't see what your looking for while driving by, remember that we have about 30 more cars INSIDE!!!  We like to keep our cars clean, and this can be challenging especially at this time of year when they're parked outside!

So stop by, visit us, and COME ALL THE WAY IN!


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