Spend your TAX REFUND At Pumpkin Fine Cars!

TAX TIME IS HERE AGAIN and for those in the market for a pre-owned vehicle, Pumpkin Cars has got lots to choose from.  With prices ranging from $7k - $40k, we have a variety of pristine vehicles with QUALITY & PRICES THAT CAN'T BE BEAT!  We provide FINANCING for those that qualify and EXTENDED WARRANTIES customized to fit your needs and your budget.  We take any and all trade-ins, giving you the fairest, most accurate trade appraisals with the current fair market value, no matter what you are buying!  There is no better place to SPEND YOUR TAX REFUND than with Pumpkin Fine Cars...getting the MOST VALUE FOR YOUR DOLLARS!  So stop by our INDOOR SHOWROOM TODAY and see why thousands of car owners have chosen PUMPKIN CARS as their ONE & ONLY PLACE TO BUY A PRE-OWNED VEHICLE! 


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