Get out and Vote, Nov. 8th!

Just a reminder to GET OUT AND VOTE, TOMORROW NOVEMBER 8TH.  EXERCISE YOUR RIGHT TO CHOOSE!  Polls will be open from 6:00am - 8:00pm.  As Americans, we are privileged to come from a Democratic Nation.  With that comes a responsibility to make the votes that put our representatives in charge.  Changes can only be made when your willing to get involved so GET UP, GET OUT, BE HEARD!   For more election information for the Sate of New Jersey, log onto  If your lucky enough to have the day off tomorrow, swing by our showroom and check out the newest additions to Pumpkin's Inventory.  We have a variety of GREAT, QUALITY CARS to choose from. 

Some interesting Election Day Facts for those that love trivia... Why are Election days always on Tuesdays?  Why the first Tuesday after the first Monday of November?  Why the month of November???  For answers to all these questions and more.  Click here!


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