Locks of Love

Franck and Gina Freon wanted to congratulate their daughter, Isabella, and her friends and classmates at Seaview School in Linwood for donating their hair to Locks of Love. All the girls had beautiful long hair and were willing, even anxious, to chop it all off for a good cause. The girls didn't think twice about whether or not they would like their new "dews". They were so focused on helping kids who are worried about so much more than a haircut in their struggle with cancer and other diseases that force them to loose their hair. We are very proud of Isabella. For more pictures of our beautiful daughter, see the tab "About Franck" at our website PUMPKINCARS.COM
Some of you may have seen Isabella, her friend Rachel and their teacher Samantha Coyle on Channel 40 news talking about her donation.http://www.nbc40.net/view_story.php?id=10535


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